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“You have many factors that enable you to go on, but what if those factors were no longer aligned to you?” [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

“You have many factors that enable you to go on, but what if those factors were no longer aligned to you?”
Photo Novel Continued Story...
Physiology Unknowable
Height Unknowable
Weight Unknowable
Eye Color Various
Hair Color Various
Age Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Date Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Beyond the necessity of existence / nonexistence / supraexistence
Gender Feminine Principle
Family Unknowable
Love Interests None
Affiliation None
Tier Unknown

X13A is a Royal Guard of ♠The Ace of Spades♠ in the story "Continued Story...". She is one of the Irielle of the Diyne Lazinvalric.


X13A appears in Eternityscape T of the "Continued Story..." book. She confronts The Silver Devil as he attempts to climb beyond the creation of Audra. X13A appears after ♠The Ace of Spades♠ is felled by The Silver Devil, attempting revenge.

Powers and Abilities[]

X13A is a dominating AntiMeta that appears in Heir to the Stars. She has full control and mastery over every mode and attribute of Verseology, and a heavy practitioner of Aheimopulus.

  • X13A is beyond the necessity of ♠The Ace of Spades♠ in totality.

Swordswomanship: X13A is such a dominating swordswoman, that she is able to easily cut down her opponent with unobservable unwritten sword attacks, with each one heavier and more fatal than the last... and this is without ever drawing her sword.

  • It is said (By Heir to the Stars) that the sword attacks coming from X13A cannot be known by empirical means — that is to say, as an object and subject of the realm in which consciousness itself defined — because the sword attacks of X13A is that very consciousness and being/nonbeing.
  • Dodging any sword attack from her will only result in the target being struck from a concept that surpasses all angles within and outside of said target, thus, the katana of X13A slashes down the unwritten self-created origin and end of all things in application to the target.
  • X13A is able to cleave her target, completely opening up a fissure within the unwritten unknowable root source and Foundation of everything that exists in attribute to her target.

Anti-Meta Katana: The mere idea of the katana of X13A doesn’t need to exist, rather, it simply needs to be realized as a possibility, impossibility, or metapossibility, to actually realize that one has always been slain by her blade. The katana of X13A is closely related to the Self-concept of not only itself, but of its target, being able to always step before the unwritten to utilize a grand scope of retrocausality as an automatic form of offense and defense, generating the hidden idea of being synonymous with being constantly ever-transcendently readily unidentifiable. When in effect, her target is sliced down by attacks that could not be evaded, countered, negated or transcended. Categories, modes, and attributes such as failing and succeeding are inapplicable. Generally, the katana of X13A rejects the notion of transcendence, and contains within it the anti-code – the omega theorem for the potentiality and archetypes behind all possible and impossible manifest phenomenal forms.

  • In one instance, the katana of X13A twitched, completely slashing down the nature of truth, knowledge and infinity of her target.

X13A Silence: When X13A pauses in the stillness of the presence of her target, she simply radiates a pressure of what can only be seen as a transcendent emptiness so overwhelming that any existence/nonexistence less than the operations of Verseology will lose the very foundations of their essence, categories, self, and nonexistence together.

Prelude "Mind of The All" Actualism: One is unable to generate thoughts inside of their mindscape without her or her katana reading it before said target can even generate it.