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Photo Novel Continued Story...
Physiology Unknowable
Height Unknowable
Weight Unknowable
Eye Color Various
Hair Color Various
Age Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Date Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Beyond the necessity of existence / nonexistence / supraexistence
Gender Feminine Principle
Family Unknowable
Love Interests None
Affiliation None
Tier Unknown

X56S is a Royal Guard of ♠The Ace of Spades♠ in the story "Continued Story...". She is one of the Irielle of the Diyne Lazinvalric.


X56S appears in Eternityscape M of the "Continued Story..." book. She confronts The Black Monarch as he attempts to climb beyond the creation of Audra. X56S appears after ♠The Ace of Spades♠ is felled by The Black Monarch, attempting justice.

Powers and Abilities[]

X56S is a dominating AntiMeta that appears in Heir to the Stars. She has full control and mastery over every mode and attribute of Verseology, and a heavy practitioner of Aheimopulus.

  • X56S is beyond the necessity of ♠The Ace of Spades♠ in totality.
  • The existence / nonexistence / paraexistence will (retrocausality) deny itself by simply acknowledging/ not acknowledging that X56S is present.

Metahierarchical Paraphilosophical Swordplay

  • X56S is so proficient with her katana, that she is able to cut through the Possibility, Totality, and Nothingness of her target; completely cutting the down the actuality and potentiality of that which is forever the largest article conceptualized and imagined by any mind, and going even deeper, transcending and slashing down that which cannot even be imagined and conceptualized by any mind – the very essence of her target.
  • Within an unchanging moment, X56S is able to slash down the origin of all definitions where absolutely anything is possible, turning her target into a simple impossibility within and outside of the Context and Paratext of the Story / Plot / Verse. If the blade is caught, the target will only be slashed down from the opposite angle on a Preretrocausality realm.
  • Within an unchanging spell, before the Unwritten Page, where existence / nonexistence / paraexistence – possibility, totality and nothing were not of potentiality, uncertainty, unknown or actuality, X56S can use her blade to remove her target from the contents of the metaparatransabsolute unreachable, cutting down said target.