End of Miracles
Yukihiko Higetsu
“Adam Conquest, it’s time that I end the miracle of life that God has given you.”
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars: Adam Conquest
Physiology Trans-Human
Height 5'9
Weight 175 lbs.
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Crimson
Age 33,000
Birth Date Unknown
Status Unconfirmed
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Love Interests Unknown
Affiliation God
Yukihiko Higetsu is a character that appears in Heir to the Stars: Adam Conquest.


Yukihiko Higetsu is introduced in the story in the midst of a battle with Adam Conquest. At this point in the story, all realities had aligned, and everything was now at the End of all Time. Adam Conquest explained that he understood that he had no purpose in life. Because of that, he was searching for one. In order to find a purpose in life, he needed to stop this event. Because Yukihiko Higestu felt as if this was God's Will, for everything to end, he could not allow Adam Conquest to persist with his journey. In the end, he was fell by the blade of Adam Conquest.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Yukihiko is a follower of Religion, possessing an indomitable amount of Faith, which allows him to command Fire.

Balls of Fire: Yukihiko generates a ball of fire in each of his hands. He then throws one of them at his target and waits a little bit before throwing the other one with more speed. The first one moves at the velocity of c, and the second one breaks the lightspeed barrier, entering in superluminal speeds. As the two balls of fire connects with their target, they explode, causing a widespread explosion on a quantum level, which when shown, completely annihilated all of Russia.

Giant Fireball: Yukihiko twirls his hands and summons a giant fireball. He jumps into the clear sky to thrust his palm into the ground. As the ground breaks apart, a rip between dimensions and a higher plane of existence occurs. Inferno and molten rock from the very depths and realm of Hell spews out, burning everything it its path. When this occurred, in a microsecond, Europe in its complete entirety was completely burned down into nothingness by the immense inferno.

Roaring Fireball: Yukihiko soars into the ocean of stars and unleashes a barrage of fireballs. 4/5ths of the Galaxy was covered up. Then he showers the Galaxy with white fire waves that negates all defenses and multiplies Adam Conquest’s defenses by zero. Just as an attosecond finishes, nothing is left in his wake. Not even subatomic particles on the quantum level are left within his wake.

Inferno Veil: Yukihiko can veil himself within a white inferno, which multiplies his target's defenses by zero.

Never-ending World: He can encase him and his target within the bounds of another universe. This world is housed with nothing but Jupiters. Every other planet in the infinite universe was Jupiter. The universe itself was ever accelerating and infinitely infinite. If this world is destroyed, annihilated, or erased, it will just re-spawn.

Transfinite Temperature: Yukihiko is able to ignite the entirety of the universe to beyond an infinite temperature, and leave not even the entirety of space and time, all forms of matter, energy and momentum, and the physical laws and constants that governed them left. When he did this, the neighboring cardinality of the continuum amount of infinite universes all suffered the same fate as his exclusive universe.

Enhanced Strength: Yukihiko is able to launch a mere fireball that can completely incinerated the planet Jupiter on a quantum level. Yukihiko later shows that he can completely obliterate over a quintillion amount of Jupiters with that single fireball, leaving not even nothingness left of them.

Enhanced Speed: Yukihiko can operate in Planck time. Then, it was shown that he could operate before Planck time could pass. Once it hit an attosecond, Yukihiko was launching fireballs at Adam Conquest that were all moving past the lightspeed barrier, and moving at superluminal speeds. Eventually, he is able to react and move before action and time itself could process. He can connect over a googolplex amount of punches that were all aimed at breaking down his target’s entire quantum structure with a single punch.

Enhanced Regeneration: As long as he has faith, he cannot be damned by power. Yukihiko can escape metaphysical annihilation. Yukihiko can regenerate from having his entire essence canceled out. He can regenerate from nothingness, and he can regenerate from less than nothingness. When Adam Conquest's Caladbolg attacked the mind and soul of Yukihiko with the primordial power of the Big Bang, which erased the entirety of the infinite universe on a quantum level, leaving less than emptiness, Yukihiko regenerated.

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