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Yukinori Fubuki
“No king is above me.” [[File:{{{image 2}}}|210px|]]

“No king is above me.”
Photo Novel Dynamis,

Heir to the Stars: Overture

Physiology Unknown
Height 6'1
Weight 190 lbs.
Eye Color Icy Blue
Hair Color Black
Age 300
Birth Date Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Status Unknown
Gender Male
Family Mirikka Fubuki (Sister),

Nenshonori Hiarashi (Brother)

Love Interests Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Tier Unknown

Yukinori Fubuki is the Ace of Spades that appears in Heir to the Stars series: Dynamis. He is the main protagonist of the story.


- Dynamis

Yukinori I.jpg

Yukinori Fubuki hails from a land of ice near the end of the universe. Yukinori's sister was very sick. She was on death's bed and had approximately 23 days left to live. After this, she would fade away into nothingness, having never existed at all. Not a single memory of her would be left. To Yukinori, his sister is his shield. His sister is his pillar of support, and his source of strength. She is also his conscious. Yukinori had been invited to the Dynamis Tournament to fight for rule over the universe. Yukinori entered the tournament for an alternate reason, and that was to find the one who could cure his sister.

- Heir to the Stars: Overture

In Heir to the Stars: Overture, Yukinori found himself in the presence of The "Former" Chaos Queen in Das Apsalus. It was here that she explained that The Ace of Spades that resides in The Art Gallery has selected eight of them (including him) to fight until only one of them remained, thus becoming the Heir to the Stars and taking their rightful place within The Art Gallery. Soon, he confronted Pulse, who easily outclassed her, but abandoned the fight due to not wanting to fight any longer.

Powers and Abilities[]

Yukinori Fubuki is a master of Cryokinesis.

Zettai Reido (Absolute Zero): Zettai Reido is Yukinori’s natural ability to lower the temperature to the coldest temperature where there is not enough energy for transference to other systems, thus causing all molecular motion to cease. All atoms have protons, neutrons and/or electrons. Reaching Absolute Zero effectively stops and eliminates protons, neutrons and/or electrons, thus reducing the atoms to a zero point.

Tsurara (Ice pillar): This is an ability that Yukinori uses to encase his opponent within a pillar of ice with a temperature nearing Absolute Zero that seals up the essence of his opponent. The opponent will be suspended in animation, and with the snap of his finger, the opponent’s essence will be completely erased from existence.

Koori-ryu (Ice Dragon): A dragon of cold light erupts from the middle of a transmutation circle that is bound under the target, shining brightly in the shape of a cross while transmutating target into diamond dust.

Hyouko (Ice Tiger): Hyouko is a tiger of ice that bursts from where the transmutation circle is, and on Yukinori's signal, the tiger explodes, transforming the opponent into diamond dust. The tiger is at a temperature of Absolute Zero and will attack Yukinori's opponent relentlessly at a speed that transcends space-time, leaving only diamond dust left in its wake.

Reito Iryujonbika (Frozen Illusion Breaker): This is an automatic ability that works whenever someone activates an illusion around Yukinori. They will have their illusion negated while they are encased in a pillar of ice that is near Absolute Zero temperatures. This ability is automatic and will activate whenever his perception of reality is distorted or his mind is being affected by outside forces other than his own, protecting him involuntarily.

Koori Kagayaku Mangetsu (Ice Shining Moon): Yukinori can run an ice created sword along the space twice, creating a cross pattern. With a commanding point of the sword, massless particles of light explodes from it at Absolute Zero temperatures at a velocity of c.

Reito no Yume (Frozen Dream): Yukinori can lower the temperature to near Absolute Zero while inducing an illusion onto his target. However, if the target snaps out of the illusion, and the target will instantly be stripped of their six senses, and then placed into a permanent sleep that is closest to death as an aftereffect.

Aisu Taimu Kapuseri (Ice Time Capsule): An iceberg encases his target, suspending his target in animation, thus keeping the target from moving freely. The temperature decreases at an accelerating rate until it reaches Absolute Zero.

Aisu Eiji (Ice Age): Aisu Eiji is a ring of ice that binds the opponent, instantly de-aging them back to the point of before their beginning, effectively erasing them from ever existing.

Daiyamondo Dasuto (Diamond Dust): Yukinori lowers the temperature to Absolute Zero around the target, and with the snap of his finger, the target shatters into diamond dust.

Reito Tengoku (Frozen Heaven): This is an automatic skill that activates whenever Yukinori’s soul is in direct danger or being affected negatively. It negates the negative effect to his soul and completely freezes the one targeting him. After this, the technique erases the mind, body, and soul of the one targeting him.

Xuě Shī (Snow Lion): This is Yukinori’s greatest attack. Eight crystal clear lions that radiantly sparkles diamond dust and snowflakes traverses time and space to instantly and relentlessly attack his target. These lions ultimately, completely, gently and quietly break down the target's mind, energy, matter, soul, space, time, reality and laws governing the target. The eight lions completely eliminates the target, but after they attacked the target, their target was never there to begin with.

Sekkajin (Snow Flower Storm): Beautiful radiant flowers of snow appeared around Yukinori and his target. As stated by an Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient being, no matter what kind of ability his foe has, before Sekkajin, all actions are reset to zero. Through this skill, Yukinori froze all of time within the infinite boundaries of four-dimensional space-time. He then erased everything within it. Yukinori can activate a universal reset, resetting everything to where he had remembered, except without the existence of the target. The ability of Sekkajin transcends logic, time, space, matter, energy, and physical law.

Enhanced Speed: Yukinori is able to move and react at a speed faster than the maximum limit of accelerating tachyons. He eventually reaches a level beyond the necessity of speed, and he is able to do battle with a being who is able to transcend the attribute of Omnipresence.

Enhanced Reactions: During his fight with Apocalypse, he demonstrated the ability to dodge rays of energy gave no hint of their presence that were aimed at striking him from all angles. Yukinori effortless dodged every single one of the rays, each one moving faster than accelerating tachyons.

Temporal Immunity: When Mors Certissima slowed down time on a quantum level, Yukinori was unaffected.

Enhanced Strength: During his fist fight with Apocalypse, the two continued to violently punch each other in the face at a speed faster than maximum accelerating tachyons, causing reality itself to bend. Rips in the space-time continuum were opening up by the sheer intensity of their fight.

Absolute Regeneration: Yukinori is able to regenerate even if his existence is erased and the dimension or universe he's in is destroyed. He told his sister about a story where he once got placed into a sealed dimension that was supposed to be as big as the infinite universe that they existed in and it was completely annihilated. He regenerated just fine. However, in Chapter 1, when the entirety of the universe as well as the 100 connecting higher dimensional planes and the infinite quantum realities that connected to the universe were destroyed in an instant, Yukinori instantly regenerated. When fighting against the Jade Emperor, he unleashed a wave of energy that is the universe's manifestation of a higher plane of existence's energy. Yukinori endured the wave of energy, but eventually he completely evaporated into less than absolute nothingness, ceasing to have ever existed. The infinite higher universe was also completely erased, along with its adjacent configurations. Yukinori regenerated not even a moment later.

Self Mastery: Yukinori can control his own molecular and subatomic structure on a quantum level.

The Ace of Spades[]

In Heir to the Stars: Overture, Yukinori Fubuki achieves the level of The Ace of Spades, but it is unknown when or how he came to this realization. By this series, he possesses as much power as The Ace of Spades without question.