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“I am Zechariah, a Prophet of Tentei.” [[File:|210px|]]

“I am Zechariah, a Prophet of Tentei.”
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars
Physiology Patacharacter
Height Inapplicable (appears 6'2)
Weight Inapplicable
Eye Color Pale
Hair Color Grey
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Birth Place Unknown
Status Transcendent
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Love Interests Inapplicable
Affiliation Tentei
Tier Unknown

Zechariah is a Prophet of Tentei in the Heir to the Stars series.


In Heir to the Stars, Zechariah is the first character introduced, after Chris Raion Spades. He confronts Chris Spades in a city to tell him about the Word of the Lord.

Zechariah appears in Re; Melodybind ~ Kaleidoscope, after the story is awakened.

Powers and abilities[]

Zechariah's appearance was very short, but in the time that he was present, he demonstrated a few abilities.

Space-time Immunity: Zechariah is unchanged by the effects of time and space.

Precognition: Zechariah gains visions from Tentei herself in order to see all events.

In Re; Melodybind ~ Kaleidoscope, Zechariah gains Realm Reborn Red.

- In an unchanging moment, Zechariah, without evening having to “Act” or use his “Will” created...everything ranging from all of fiction, all of nonfiction, all of transfiction, all of fanfiction, all of metafiction, all of patafiction, all interfiction, all of personal fiction, and all of impersonal fiction -- every form of existence and nonexistence ever mentioned or seen (and above the absolute infinite multiplicity amount never mentioned, seen, or even conceived of yet…) in possibility, uncertainty, and actuality. Eternalism, Actualism, Nihilism, Infinitism, Possiblism, and Totality on all attributes and modes of the absolute were fleeting thoughts in his head that he could simply make it impossibilities < far lower than nothingness. All of this... and he was using < magnitudes lower than below absolute nonexistent % of possible, potential, uncertain, and nonexistent effort.

- The mindscape of Zechariah has para-transcended the realms of [> Meta-Omniscience].

- Zechariah is capable of reversing the tides of probability, deconstructing the conceptual existence and nonexistence of a patacharacter level.