“Then the stage has been set…”
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars: The Unwritten Chapter XXI
Physiology Voyager
Height ∀[S]parainsurmountable
Weight ∀[S]parainsurmountable
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Black
Age ∀[S]parainsurmountable Inapplicable
Birth Date ∀[S]parainsurmountable Inapplicable
Status ∀[S]parainsurmountable beyond any and all systems
Gender Agender (Appears Female)
Family Voyagers
Love Interests Unknown
Affiliation Voyagers
Zephyranth is a Voyager that first appears in Heir to the Stars: The Unwritten Chapters series. Her tier ranking is echelons higher than The Ace of Spades as well as anything presented in any past, present, or future Suggsverse titles. She is the mother of all Voyagers.

History (Spoilers)

The Mother of All Voyagers appears in Heir to the Stars: The Unwritten Chapters alongside her daughters. She opens up her chapter and introduction by opening up her hand to reveal The Suggsverse on the tip of her finger… only to blow on it, completely removing Suggsverse in its entirety from ever being. She requests the presence of her daughters, asking them about the coming story.

Powers and Abilities

Zephyranth surpasses the Top Tier and 0 Tier of the Suggsverse ranking.

Cataphysics Manipulation

Zephyranth stands so far beyond the beyond the meaning of the be-all, end-all, that said concepts don't even exist. On the most basic attribute, she is not linked in any way to the unity and/or totality of any lower/higher logic, perspective, boundary, physics, transcendence or philosophy of life, death, reality, numbers, subjectivity, wave functions, wave existences, phenomena, abstract mathematics, metaphysics, existence, conception, causality, imagination, boundaries, nonexistence, possibility, nothingness, totality, potentiality, actuality, change, uncertainty, truth, the unknown, the Last Principle, the First Principle, the Grand Principle of Creation, and the authority of any Author. This is on a basic level.

Zephyranth is at a level beyond the necessity and essentiality of Realm Reborn Red, as well as any category > [£Ḉ§♠∀♠]Omnipotence, > [£Ḉ§♠∀♠]Omniscience, > [£Ḉ§♠∀♠]Omnipresence, > [£Ḉ§♠∀♠]Omnilock, > [£Ḉ§♠∀♠]Omnificence, > [£Ḉ§♠∀♠]Omnifarious, > [£Ḉ§♠∀♠]Omnicompetence, > [£Ḉ§♠∀♠]Omniarch, and > [£Ḉ§♠∀♠]Omniverses. She exists before ∀[S]parainsurmountable-potentiality and ∀[S]parainsurmountable-actuality. She is free from all hierarchies, modes and attributes of Suggsverse. On this stage, she is beyond a ∀ultimate tirastranscending ∀ultimate ∀unwritten unterbefore ∀unwritten ∀unsolvable within ∀unsolvable ∀unscripted ∀unknowable ∀unequivocal ∀unconsentaneous prime equation of her own meaning.

Zephyranth is completely outside (yet fully all-encompassing) Possibility, Totality, and Nothingness within all of fiction, all of nonfiction, all of transfiction, all of hyperfiction, all of subfiction, all of fanfiction, all of metafiction, all of patafiction, all interfiction, all of personal fiction, and all of impersonal fiction of (and from) every Story / Plot / Verse / Author.

Zephyranth is a Voyager.

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